cnMaestro thoughts

OK, I played with cnMaestro on the cloud some time ago for ePMP and cnPilot, now I've installed the VM version for our ePMP network and have some thoughts/gripes.

WHY oh WHY does everything default to cnPilot??  It's VERY irritiating that every single time I load some views (like Configure->Devices, Operate->SoftwareUpdate or Operate->OnboardDevices) I then have to click through to get to ePMP.  I understand some people are using it for cnPilot and other non-ePMP-sector scenarios, and you can't please everybody with a fixed solution.  But why not have it always go back to the same subsection the user had previously chosen, or go to the subsection that actually has some units...  In the Onboarding case,  I would think that defaulting to the 'Onboard' tab would make more sense for every user, since that's where all already-onboarded devices are listed, as well as those awaiting approval.

When an ePMP radio with GPS tells me there's no latitude/longitude set, can't it offer to use the live GPS location info instead of making me go to AP manually to click the button to transfer GPS coords from GPS to static onboard fields?  (while you're at it, maybe warn when the onboard GPS and the settings in the AP differ by more than a reasonable variation...)

On the subject of GPS, maybe the ability to assign ALL APs to their appropriate towers automatically (well, one-click for all), based on the AP's latitude/longitude being only feet away from one and only one tower's latitude/longitude.  One click for possibly dozens of APs that way, instead of several clicks each for every AP, one at a time.

I get a Minor warning about old GPS firmware on an ePMP AP that contains the newer GPS/GLONASS chip, with allegedly up-to-date firmware AXN_3.20_8174...

When specifying the map location for a tower, it would be really handy (and really simple, programmatically) to be able to double-click and have the marker move/appear.  It's annoying that I have to do a location search FIRST then drag the marker as I zoom and scroll the small map view.  It would be even easier if I could just pick an AP in the list that's not yet assigned to a tower and create a new tower using that AP's location...  No zooming/dragging a map, no cut'n'paste, just click an AP, click 'create tower' option that appears when no tower is associated, then give it a name.

Probably already suggested, but after I've onboarded an ePMP sector with 30+ clients on it, it would be really stellar to be able to onboard all the client devices with one click.  I realize this would entail either new code on APs and SMs (not optimal) or adding a non-cnMaestro-ish communication function to achieve it via SNMP or HTTP, and once cnMaestro is live on a full network you'll usually be adding one radio at a time, so not sure if it's worth the coding time, but when first enabling cnMaestro on an existing network it's painful having to hit every radio (already scripted it, but still) to set up onboarding, then hit the CNMaestro UI to accept them all.



We will surely get back to you with the answers for every points you mentioned.

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And thank YOU for the ridiculously rapid response...  You're a quick reader.



Thanks :slight_smile:

Can we get the ip addresses to show the WLAN CPE address pls? I've been asking for this.

very good points newkirk!

i agree to all of them :)