cnMaestro Tree - Feature Request

When looking at the tree (when on the Dashboard page) -  cnMaestro lists the AP on top with the associated SM's under the AP.  Under each SM is the customer's Router. 

If an SM (or Router) is broken (or is offline), you never know it when looking at the tree itself. 

In order to see if anything is broken (or is offline) - you have to click on each AP and see if any SM's or Router's below the AP is red.

When a device is broken (or is offline) under an AP, can you please highlight the AP Icon someway to tell us that something is broken under the AP.

A different color of the AP Icon (rather than red) would be nice.  Another acceptable method would be to have the AP Icon flash.

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Thank you for the feedback!  I will communicate this with the rest of the team.

If you haven't done so already, I recommend also posting this to Ideas section to give it greater visibility and so other can vote it up.

I would also like to point out that there are widgets to help point out when devices within the tree are down at a glance without actually expanding each AP.  These are available in the dashboard view with increasing detail as you navigate downward: System, Network, Tower, AP.

  • System displays device down counts per network.
  • Network displays device down counts per device type
  • Tower displays down counts per device type and also AP status and SM Counts
  • AP displays down counts for SMs and WiFi devices under the AP.