cnMaestro - Ubuntu 20.04 and container version?

With Ubuntu 20.04 on the horizon, are there any plans to release an updated on-prem cnMaestro with updated libraries and packages?  With security being an ever increasing concern, it would be nice to have more frequent updates. 

Also, we would be very interested in a containerized version for deployment, which could allow for quicker releases from Cambium.  Has there been any discussion about this topic on the team?

Well that's a bummer.  Did you submit an idea for it?  If so, will gladly vote for it!


I asked about it in this idea in 2018:

This can be done if you’d rather have a container. Create a fresh cnMaestro VM and a fresh ubuntu 18.04 container with at least 8GB of storage. Login to the cnMaestro VM as root and rsync / to the container. Make sure to temporarily enable root ssh logins in the container.

rsync -e ssh -a --exclude '/dev' --exclude '/proc' --exclude '/sys' --exclude '/lost+found' --exclude '/run/systemd/inaccessable/blk' / (container_ip):/

Everything works including system updates.

Thanks, was asking about this back in 2020 but Cambium took way too long to transition to an updated OS (and went to 18.04, so we’ll have to do this again at the last minute in another two years).

excuse me, i’m trying to do what you’ve instructed ebove, trying to move cnmastro 3.0 with ubuntu 18.04 to container ubuntu 20.04, but when rsync started, log is saying permission denien (13), i’m already enable the ssh root permission at container, how do i find where i’m worng at?

thank you :slightly_smiling_face: