Upgrade path for cnMaestro on premesis is cumbersome

So to upgrade cnMaestro to a new OVA you have to back up the old server, smoke the old server and build a new one from scratch from the new OVA image. Don't you think this is a bit cumbersome? There needs to be a simple one click on the server interface to upgrade or a palce to drop a file and click upgrade. In the current state this is only possible for hotfix packages. I have now done 3 of the OVA upgrades and it seems like a lot of work on the front end.

Also, make images that are for ESX/XEN, and not desktop virtualization. It is a pain to convert images to get them to work on real hardware...

You REALLY should deliver the system as a package on top of Ubuntu. As of now the server cannot have public access, because it cannot be hardened or maintained in any normal way. Also, this would make the system easy to upgrade, just do an apt-get upgrade, and not replacing the whole "computer".

Docker containers might be a solution here.  Then we can pull down a container from Cambium, import the data, and be done.  Currently the on-prem cnMaestro is a security concern because applying package updates breaks functionality so we are forced to stay on old software packages.  There needs to be a more streamlined update/upgrade process that maintains security while enabling ease of system administration.

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It is 2020.  Everyone is using containers now.  A new Ubuntu LTS is coming out in April.  When are we going to see a containerized version of cnMaestro?  This will easily speed up deployments and allow Cambium to roll out security updates to libraries much faster than they are now.  It's becoming more troublesome to run outdated versions of software in the current security aware climate.