cnMaestro v1.6.1 adds "Link test" support for PMP

cnMaestro team recenty rolled out  v1.6.1 for cloud. If you are using cnMaestro cloud to manage you PMP network, you can now run link test by selecting the radio and navigation to "Tools > Link Test". 

If you select an access point, you will get an additional drop down to select the subscriber module. In this release, "Link test" option is not supported when you select a 450m AP, but you can select an SM connected to a 450m AP and run link test. Support for 450m, along with 450m specific link test options will be available along with PMP 15.2 release in March. 

The "on premise" version of cnMaestro v1.6.1 is expected to release within a week.


Great add! Thanks.

No hurry on the on-prem.  Let this percolate on the cloud first.

Thanks again.

Speak for yourself lol this would be amazing right about now :P

That said i hope theirs ways to set the type of signal tests users are allowed, as i don't want random helpdesk techs able to run service affecting link tests, and only extrapolated, but my admins i'm fine being able to run full linktest options

I will check on this. It makes sense that "Monitor" users are only allowed to run extrapolated link tests, and "Operator" and "Administrator" users are allowed to run any type of link test.

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Percolate...percolate... bubble, bubble, toils and troubles - or something like that!

It appears easier for them to update - tweak - the cloud version than release the on-prem udates.  On-prem doesn't get updated as often, look how far behind we were on the last version - rev.

But like you, I await the release.  Good catch on the access too!

Unfortunately in v1.6.1, there is no role based restriction for link test. We will add this in v1.7.1 so that "Monitor" user can only run extrapolated link test.

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When I said let it percolate, I didn't mean let the pot burn!

I haven't seen any rev changes to the cloud version.  Are we skipping this version on the on-premises fork?  Are you just going to go straight to the March release with PMP 15.2?  Early March? Late March?

Rajesh_V wrote: 

"The "on premise" version of cnMaestro v1.6.1 is expected to release within a week."

Hi, news?