cnMaestro Version 1.5.1-r15

On the Software Update page in Version 1.5.1-r15 - can someone at Cambium fix the Image Version to default to the latest version at the top of the page.

It needs to default to Version 4.3.2-R4, rather than defaulting to saying and displaying:

Recommended cnPilot Home (R-Series) Software Release 4.2.3-R4, which not not the latest version.

No one changed the the default image after 4.3.2-R4 was released.

There is another way of making 4.3.2-R4 as default.
Please try to download the image from support site (.bin) and upload again on the On-Premises and it should make it default.

Please let me know if that works.



Since request is for cloud version, we will internally discuss and see if we can make latest release - 4.3.2-R4 as the recommended one. Though it is fair assumption that latest one should be the recommended version but that might not be the case always.


It is fixed for cloud version, you should see 4.3.2-R4 as the recommended version now.


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You are correct.  You now have it fixed.

Without the cnMaestro Cloud ahtomatically reverting to the latest version of software - it is very easy to accidently load an earlier version of firmware in equipment.

Especially when the firmware versions are very close in nubering schemes.

4.2.3 and 4.3.2