CnMaestro Web GUI Login rejected

Someone has had a similar problem, out of the blue we have lost access to our on-Premises cnMaestro server, and it throws the wrong credential error.


Which version of cnMaestro are you using, are you able to login from CLI?

You can create a one time temp password from CLI once you login (this feature is supported from 1.6.0 version of On-Premises)

Please share the details and we can help you out with the login issue.



Can you please try to reboot your VM and give a try?


The version cnMaestro we have is 1.5.1

we have already rebooted the virtual and physical machine, in addition to following the steps on behalf of cambium support to reset the password through CLI, we have not yet recovered the access, we have 3 accounts, we would like to know what was the cause.

For us it is critical since it is monitoring our network with over 100 devices and we were in the task of adding 300+.

we want to be sure that this can not happen again with more teams and clients within the platform to trust.


Hi MikeMGR -- one of our engineers will contact you through the private message channel and set up a time to discuss  and resolve this. cnMaestro 1.6.0 has added a new Account Recovery feature, which allows the VM administrator to create a one-time password for logging into the UI (so these types of issues can be resolved directly). However with 1.5.1, we will need to work with you.

Hi Mike

Can you please send me details of remote session via private message so I can remote login and see whats going on.. we will also try to help you in moving to latest 1.6.0 OVA

You can download the latest OVA from our support site and I will help you bringing your existing data in the new 1.6.0.


Yes, now we are downloading version 1.6.0, we could not export the data of version 1.5.1 it seems that the BD is damaged.

It would be very useful help to re-onboard the devices to the new installation of cnMestro without having to access one by one.