CNMaestro - Whats the meaning of the color on the frequency?

Hi. Can you guys tell me what is the different color that appear no frecuency means? I have seen Green, Red, Gold , Purple. 

I will appreciate your help

@Jm-barreto  the colors are used as an aid to help correlate an AP sector to the frequency deployed and the SMs associated to the AP.

So, for example, in the screenshot below, by setting "Show Sector" to YES, each APs general coverage is displayed and color coded by frequency to assist you in your frequency planning.

By setting "Show Subscriber Modules" to YES and setting the "Map Mode" to "Frequency", now you can see the SMs on the map and they will be color code according to the frequency each is using.  (Note:  SMs are displayed in the map as long as you click on a single device, tower or network but not at the top-level System folder in the device tree.)