cnMaestro WiFi Users - Slow connection


Recently deployed 6 cnPilot Outdoor AP's - 3X E501's & 3X E500's.

The wifi network came live last night with a total of 50 users.

This morning I received complains that most users lost connections due to slow internet.

-Total bandwidth allocated for wifi users is 20mbps up and down.

-Users get authenticated using voucher codes on captive portal.

-All vouchers has been set with 15 MB up and down

We have tested the coverage and speed before users uses the wifi service last night, was all okay.

What could be the possible reason for this?

Do I need to adjust upload/download on vouchers?

Your assistance will be highly appreciated.




If you have onboarded your device to cloud cnMaestro, please invite me to your account to assist you with troubleshoot.

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Thank You.


please share us the deployment details to help you on throughput issue,

1. Where does all these 6 APs deployed? in a building or hall and etc?

2. What is the disatnce between 2 APs?

3. How was the clients distribution between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz across all APs?

4. On one AP plz run Wi-Fi analyzer from AP UI trouble shooting section and share us the capture data

5. What is the user capacity planned for this deployment?

6. If we assume that all these 50 users connected in 5 GHz clean environment and access the internet simulatenously, the net bandwidth for the users will be less than half Mbps 

7. Do we see other 3rd paty APs deployed in the same location?


Attached is the network diagram & Wi-Fi Analyzer Reports for all AP's.

- AP's are deployed at the Gold Mine staff quarters where the Base AP(Main) is mounted on a 25M Tower and client Ap's are mounted on the roof of staff quarters (Wooden buildings)

- Max users at peak time sits at 50

- No third party wifi AP's but only 2 to 3 ISP links - not much inteference, site is idle.




Are you using dedicated load balancing router for termination of 2-3 ISP link which further distributed over MESH link? Gateway device must be checked to find the root cause. Moreover, slow link may arises due to  either (1) frequent wireless link drop of client machines with AP or  (2) even with stable wireless link  upto gateway but resource after gateway shows drop(Like DNS).  Now, you need to check till which point you have the stable link based on which rectification can be initiated.