CnMaestro Wired Clients

Within CnMaestro there need to be the ability and visibility to see all connected wired clients on the site as you can with wireless clients.
I know for each cnMatrix switch you can go to Details > Topology but this is painful and only give you narrow visibility of the clients on a per switch level instead of a whole site. If this information could be aggregated like it is for wireless clients from all switches this would be a good step. It’s shocking this hasn’t already been implemented / requested already. Example of us with a site containing 63 cnMatrix switches / 1668 ports the Wired Clients tab is completely empty!

Definitely a great addition to a very reliable and good solution, it surely shocks me as well the fact that theres no insights or “basic” information for wired clients other than topology

I’m not sure what this is supposed to be for?
You can see all this on the switch or using any IP scanner. I don’t think AP is a place to present all the devices on the network. In addition, each scan burdens not only the network but also the device itself, which must spread a large broadcast.

This field is used to see if anyone is connected to the Ethernet port on the device. Works on e500, e501, e502, e600. I don’t think you fully understood what this function is supposed to do?

Hi @PFR I think you have misunderstood my request.

Yes information is available on a per switch level but it would be much more useful to be aggregated into a single pane on glass rather than navigating switch by switch to find all the device(s) on the wired network.
In addition we don’t want to be running IP scanning, introducing traffic (and wait times) when this information has already been obtain via LLDP which the switches are already running, this doesn’t effect line speed after the initial communication.

Example, here is a snapshot of the Topology screen (intentionally pixelated some information) of one cnMatrix switch, if this information could be present under the Wired Clients for all AP Wired Ports & cnMatrix switches for the site this would be very useful and feature match many comparable products. Maybe also include switch name/port ref in the first column with some filtering options :+1:

As I wrote.
The purpose of this function is to show if something is connected to the second ethernet port and it makes sense.
Adding a “junk” here in the form of displaying everything that is in the local network makes this function useless and duplicates the functions contained in cnMatrix.
Not everyone uses managed devices with LLDP and this feature will not work correctly everywhere.

This is my opinion and you may not agree with it, but I have the right to express it.

Just for clarity I certainly value your opinion and the discussion here is about fictions to benefit the wider community, nothing more.

Anyway, open to suggestions. Perhaps under Switch Groups > Switch Ports would be a better fit for this information?

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+1 on this request for sure. While there’s a bunch of info that can be gleaned from various per switch interfaces (e.g. even via remove CLI with show ip arp or show mac-address-table ), having this data available in the System → Clients → Wired Clients would be ideal.