cnMaestro WLAN exception


Currently there is an option to select specific WLAN per device, from all the WLANs that are configured in that AP group.
It would be a great feature if we can have exception in reverse, so we have a AP group and we want to have additional WLAN on just one AP. Right now we can disable that WLAN on all other APs, or create new AP group with that WLAN and just one AP in it.
I would like to have an let’s say drop down menu, where I can select any WLAN configred in cnMaestro under specific device (AP) exceptions.

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Just make AP group for one AP. 1 minut of waste time :wink:

I can see the use case for this, but I suspect you will probably get told that you can already create an additional one and disable it on all the AP’s you don’t want to broadcast.

Probably depends how much work it would take to code such a function I’d reckon.