cnMaestro X


My application X content remains empty. Does it need to be activated somewhere ? Hardware limitation ?

I have an e410 running firmware, but the recommended firmware is 4.2.3.r2. What happened to the 6.x series firmware ? I cant find documentation why 6.x is gone/ and 4.x is recommended.


Support for firmware release train R6.x was removed for E410/ E430/ E510/ E600/ E700 due to issues.

Only firmware R4.x train is recommended.

This has nothing to do with cnMaestro X licensing.

Hi Pierre,
Eric is right. WiFi5 cnPilot devices operate on 4.x while WiFi6(E) XV/XE devices operate on 6.x.

Some of the features not supported on cnPilot 4.x include application visbility and control and X Assurance features like Root Cause Analysis and Client Analytics so that’s why applicaiton visbility isn’t appearing for your E410’s.

@Eric_Ozrelic, thank you for sharing this. Do you know if a notice was sent out? I have several units on v6 firmware and didn’t know they stopped.

No notice that I know of… I learned through opening a support request.