cnMaestroX / XMS WIPS Functionality

Hi I have a customer on cnMaestro X that recently had an audit done on their environment and was recommended that they change their wifi gear or platform to get WIPS functionality.The environment is a mix of cnMatrix switches + 410’s, XV3-2’s and in boardrooms XV3-8’s so equipment is relatively new.

They’ve been really happy with the equipment thus far and are heavily reluctant to change both hardware and mgmt platform.

From what I understand XMS has some security sensors though my interaction with is fairly non existent at this stage.Checking if someone has migrated from cnMaestro → XMS before or if there is any chance this functionality might become a addon sub/fee for cnMaestroX at some stage ?

@djdrastic , does your customer have specific requirements from the audit report for WIPS? Assuming they are on cnMaestro, correct?

Hi Kumar I’ll have to get a hold of the auditor recommendation that was submitted.

Hi Kumar finally got a hold of the clients report.

Most of the recommendation revolves around lack of detection for rogue AP’s,Deauthentication flood attacks and EAPOL attacks.

They are currently on cnMaestro-X

Hi Kumar any feedback from the team if some basic security sensors like Rogue AP,Death/EAPOL Floods might make it down to cnMaestro-X ? Actually surprised there is not more interest in this as security is starting to become key with wireless deployments.

@djdrastic , sorry for the delay - I will get back to you soon. We are working on some of these features currently and also in the Q1 release.

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Thanks Kumar.
Highly appreciated.

Has there been any update on this ?
My client will be forced to move to Aruba or Ruckus due to audit findings.

Hi @djdrastic

Rogue AP detection and possible wifi flood attack detections are planned on next release 6.5 (target Q2’22)


Awesome mate.
I’d buy you a case of beer as I was really not looking forward not redoing their entire network.

thanks @djdrastic :grinning: