CnMatrix 1010 - Clock settings, how to and why after reboot it's lost?

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I would like to ask you help understanding which are the CLI commands to give the device cnMatrix 1010 to set the clock without the need of an NTP Server. Also why after I manually impose them in the web GUI, even if I save them, the device doesn’t memorize them and after a software reboot or electrical reboot it flashes them.

It seems to be a common problem, it appears on our new device and also on our clients.

Can you help me understand things better ?

Make your life easier and put NTP server to your config.
It is normal after reboot that device start from default time and date, e.g. 1.1.1970

The actual configuration it’s not suppose to have access to internet so my problem is still not solved. besides, i would really like to know the commands, even after i updated the firmware as suggested i still have this problem, after update and reboot, the time is set to the time of the updated firmware.

Why would you need Internet access for NTP :grin:, use your local NTP

It doesn’t hold in memory the same, but nonetheless let’s say i just want to be precise and have a setup switch but don’t have an ntp local server … why should i pay for a device that it doesn’t offer a simple service such as time setting. ?

After finishing your configuration process, please make sure you save them, under system‐save and restore.
Otherwise the system won’t boot on running config


I have already saved it in web GUI as you mentioned and also did it in CLI with copy running-config startup-config so it should work saved it.

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cnMatrix does not have a hardware clock, and hence the switch does not retain the clock setting during power on cycle. As others have suggested in the thread, using remote or local ntp is strongly recommended.



Thank you kindly for your help, it’s most apreciated. I wasn’t expecting that it doesn’t have it’s own clock.

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