cnMatrix 1012 poe switch

Hi, does anyone know what poe setting I could use on the 1012 poe switch to power up a ubiquiti 5ac Prism radio? 24v on the switch does not work.

The proper setting to power up a Ubiquiti 5AC Rocket Prism (2nd Gen) is Passive 24V mode.

Note that Passive 24V mode is available on ports 5-8 on the TX1012-P-AC or TX1012-P-DC.
BTW, how many Prism radios are you powering up via the switch?

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Really appreciate the reply! I should of expanded on my post… so it has 2 Prism radios and a Powerbeam 5ac into the switch, using ports 5-8 set to passive 24v. The powerbeam ran/runs on the switch no problem. The Prisms power up and continue to be powered until they get a overload fault, or they run for a day or so but continue, from what I can gather, to power cycle every minute or so. So the only difference between my setup and your example is that I have a live site passing traffic through the devices. So my only conclusion is that the ports cannot offer more watts than what the prisms want under load. The prisms specs say otherwise but the prisms do ship with a 24v 1A poe… so basically its 24v and roughly 24 watts… the switch is 24v with 15 watts total. My conclusion is based on putting in a DC Netonix switch which its 24v rating is 24v and 24w for the poe port and have not had a single issue.

Any thoughts or comments are greatly appreciated and encouraged. Thanks again, appreciate the feedback!!

@Jonchau I put in the dongles you sent me and installed them and the prisms and the powerbeam are working well on the tx 1012-p-dc. We had a power issue with our lithium batteries getting cold and once we go the site back up the one prism is having issues and it will only negotiate at 100mbps with the switch and then I get the overload fault, not sure why it is acting up while the other devices are fine.