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  1. In order to use QinQ (Q-in-Q in the manual if you’re using ctrl-f) you have to change the bridge-mode on the switch. If you do this from the gui, the switch resets itself and reboots, but doesn’t save the new bridge-mode. It has to be done from the command-line.

  2. You can’t change the bridge-mode from cnMaestro.

  3. Once you have the switch in provider-mode and adopted into cnMaestro, it won’t accept any switch-group settings. cnMaestro reports the error: “Configuration failed: ifMainEntry ifMainBrgPortType SNMP_ERR_INCONSISTENT_VALUE”. I’m not having any luck with templates either.

In short, the entire config has to be done manually when in provider bridge mode.

Hi, thank you for reporting issue with the bridge-mode setting in the Web GUI. We will investigate and fix it in our next maintenance release. The cli command to change the bridge mode is ‘boot default bridge-mode provider-edge’.

Currently QinQ is not supported for cnMaestro switch group GUI configuration. It is in the roadmap. For now, you can manage the switch running QinQ mode in cnmaestro using the template. Please share the template configuration that switch fails to apply. Also share the error message displayed on cnMaestro. Thanks.

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The first command in the template would have to be “boot default bridge-mode provider-edge”, but that defaults and reboots the switch which loses the cnMasestro info, which disrupts applying the template.

Even if you do that step manually, it would be nice to have a command that verifies the mode before continuing.

I’d also like to suggest having the bridge mode displayed on the cnMaestro Dashboard.

Hi, I wanted to let you know that configuring the bridge-mode via Web GUI (#1 in your list) is working in our new firmware 5.0.2-r4, available on Cambium Support site. We currently don’t have QinQ support on cnMaestro dashboard. It is in the roadmap.

Cool. Nice to see some progress.