cnMatrix - Creating 2 switches

Is there a way to create 2 switches inside of 1 cnMatrix without using VLANS, trunks etc.
This comes form a situation where there is a backhaul coming into port 1, going out of port 2 to another switch. Essentially a pass through layer 2.
Then ports 3-9 all go out port 10 to a different switch.

Probably a number of ways to do this but any ideas?


I know you said no VLANs but I’ve done this sort of thing on other manufacturers equipment where we had zero U to play with and had to consolidate equipment.Tbh I prefer using stuff like Mikrotiks for this stuff as I end up having a bit more visibility/control into what is actually going on.

Create unique untagged vlans for your backhaul . Make sure to disable lldp,cdp,rstp on these ports.Set pvid on those 2 ports for backhaul.Make sure that vlan is the only vlan assigned on those ports.
Create seperate a seperate untagged VLAN for 3-9 . Not sure if its internal or not . If external / backhaul switch off lldp,cdp,rstp . Set PVID accordingly.

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