cnMatrix DC Input CRPS Installation Guide

Summary: This article describes the cnMatrix DC Input CRPS installation guide.

All 3 DC input models of the CRPS (Common Redundant Power Supply) (600W / 930W / 1200W) come with an included Power Cable, which has the mated connector end to that on the power supply itself.




The 5-wire cable assembly is wired the following way (Note diagram is looking into the connector).


Even though there are 2x red “+” and 2x black “-“ wires on the cable, you may notice that the 600W/930W (on the left side of the photo) and 1200W (on the right side of the photo) the CRPS does not connect to all the wires on the cable.


• 1200W CRPS


• 600W/930W CRPS


As long you connect both Red (+) wires and Black (-) wires to their DC power source, then all will be fine. Do note that as the CRPS is an isolated supply, it will support both Positive or Negative voltage input. However, it does not support reverse polarity, so you must wire correctly.

As an example, if the DC power source is 48V, then you could wire the CRPS as follows:


The green wire is confusingly labelled as “PoE Only”. This is really meaningless, and a remnant of the wiring labelling that was used on this Cable harness already in production.


We are in the process of changing the green wire labeling to reflect “GND” as follows:


As a note, the green Ground wire is not the same as the (-) black wire, as the power supply is isolated.