cnMatrix DHCP Relay Limitation - 360 DHCP Clients

Can anyone give any info whether this problem is being looked at ?
I have a new smallish site that I’m rolling out with around 100 odd total devices on initial launch and will grow in the coming years.
Find it an odd limitation for a Layer 3 capable switch to be honest.

DHCP Relay: The switch doesn’t relay all
DHCP Release and Renew packets if there
are more than 360 DHCP clients connected
to the switch.

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Any updates on this ? Is this a problem that is being looked into ?
360 clients in the age where everyone has a tablet,cell and laptop isn’t all that much tbqh.

Would it be possible to make the dhcp relay config be per vlan to try and lessen the impact imposed by this issue ?

Hi, the described issue is intermittent and exists only if all DHCP clients perform release/renew at the same time.

Thanks Tam for the update, that does clear it up a bit.
I hope this issue won’t be present in your Fiber Distro switch.

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