cnMatrix DIN Rail Industrial Switch

I’d just like to preface this, I do acknowledge the TX1 does have a DIN rail mount (MX-DIN-TX1K-0); however, the form factor of the switch makes it difficult to be installed in various locations around an industrial, commercial and other varies sites.

Various OEM’s like Cisco, Planet, D-Link, Extreme,, Moxa, Hirschmann, etc, etc, etc all have a small form factor switch designed for industrial application. I’d like Cambium Networks to not just join the ranks, but also beat the competition by providing a single pane of glass monitoring with cnMeastro, and end-to-end support from the wireless to the physical layer.


Cambium Networks cnMatrix DIN-Rail Switches will be vital in these example scenarios.

Carpark CCTV

  • Pole-mounted enclosure with cnMatrix DIN-Rail Switch
  • cnVision SM
  • Several PoE Cameras

Pump Station,

  • cnMatrix DIN-Rail switch mounted in an electrical control board
  • PMP 450i SM
  • Connected to PLC Controller, VFVD Controller