cnMatrix does not save configs on comuter

I tried to save my configs so i can transfer them to another cnmatrix but it failed

Turn off firewall or make rule to open tftp from the switch.

I turned off Firewall but still it failed

Antivirus ? is disabled too ?
For example Eset is blocking everythink on tftp :frowning:
Same error on any browser ? Did u try on edge or firefox ?


By default the switch will save the config into file ‘iss.conf’ on the remote TFTP server. Please make sure the file iss.conf is already present in the tftp directory prior to the save action. This is required by tftp. You can use a notepad to open and save the empty file iss.conf.

You can also use different filename as shown below to match an existing file on the tftp server.

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Thanks @TamN , this worked but now my problem is transfering the same config to another switch


I don’t believe you can copy the configuration from one cnMatrix to another that way. A much better way is to create a switch group in cnMaestro that has the configuration that you need, then simply add the switch group to each switch you want. The config is pushed out to the new switch right away.

Actually that is how i do it but looks like some configs dont get pushed