cnMatrix ex2028 high ram usage

Hi all, just curious if anyone has seen high ram usage on the ex2028 switch? It seems very high memory usage, not much rolling through the network at this time…not sure whats causing the high load. Thanks!


There is a known condition that can cause high RAM usage in releases prior to 3.2. When network monitoring tool or firewall such as PRTG, pfSense are used to continuously scan networking devices for SSL certificates, etc., the memory usage in cnMatrix will increase over time, and switch can eventually become unresponsive. Power recycle will recover the switch.

This condition has been resolved in release 3.2-r4.

What software version is running on your switch? Can you provide the output for the CLI commands:
show system info
show env all


Hi @TamN, thank you for your reply. Reboot did fix the issue and I will be updating firmware, thank you!!