cnMatrix EX2028-P Fans Loud?

Our first cnMatrix installation is away from the people using the network - so this isn’t an immediate problem for me.

I have noticed that the idle fan noise on the EX2028-P is louder than I would promote for use in an office. In this case, I’m used to the MikroTik 24 port PoE switch and the previous generation UniFi 24 port PoE switches. Both are very quiet once they have finished booting (they both slow the fans down significantly - and only speed up if power demand requires it).

Is there any chance the fan speed on the EX2028-P would be reduced further in future firmware updates?

Thank you, Chris

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I’d like to ask for a reply to this question again. I just got 2x more EX2028-P switches and am reminded about their volume.

It’s a disappointing no response has come from this question. We have some EX2016M-P and the fans are very loud / tone is annoying for office use and in an open rack on the theatre stage.

Any chance of approving use of upgraded fan, Noctua NF-A4x20 PWM Cambium?
(They work when the pins are rearranged😏)

Hello Rob,

Sorry for the lack of responses on this thread. We are not able to reduce the fan speed to lower the loud noise of the fan that you are referring to.

Your idea of using a different fan to lower the noise is something we can investigate. We’ll see what we can find out on this.


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I’ve got a preproduction EX2016M-P and it’s suffering from asthma and a wheeze, it’s quite funny but a little annoying too.

Does the fan on your units rev up and down all the time? or just mine?

No I would say they are steady, certainly from a noise perspective. You wouldn’t believe the night and day sound difference the Noctua fans make. Hopefully Cambium can certify for permanent install :roll_eyes:

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Do you have the changed pin out numbers/colours?

Yes, easy enough with a small flat blade/screwdriver. Just match the colour order :+1:t2: