cnMatrix EX2028 switch claimed in cnMaestro but unable to onboard, displaying as offline


I recently got a cnmatrix ex2028 switch, haven’t configured anything as yet, claimed in cnmaestro cloud, however when trying to onboard I am unable and the device status displays as offline even though it is online.

Any advise would be much appreciated.

Hi Steven, It looks like switch has yet connect to the cloud. Can you confirm the switch has internet connectivity? Access the management port on the switch by ssh connection to and check for switch’s IP address, default gaeway and DNS.

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Yes, Internet is up, dhcp server is assigning an IP to it automatically. Apart from SSH, can the switch be configured in cnmaestro similar to access points?


Hi Steven,
From the switch console, are you able to ping
Also, what is the firmware version of the switch?
Can you run show cnmaestro log command and share the output?

To answer your last question, the switch can be configured using the below three methods -

  1. Using cnMaestro (Not possible in this case until the device is onboarded)
  2. Using the console access / SSH access.
  3. Using the web UI - Enter the IP address of the switch in the browser of a computer connected to the same network as the switch.
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