cnMatrix EX2028 Web GUI


Do the cnmatrix switches have a web gui?  if so what is the default IP of the switch?


Yes it does have a GUI.

The default IP on the mgmt port is


You can control and monitor cnMatrix using telnet/ssh session, Web GUI, or cnMaestro cloud.

By default switch installs IP address on its management port.


Thank you for confirming!

What software version of the cnMatrix EX2028 was the web gui introduced?  I have a cnMatrix with a manufactured date of 2018-11-17.  I have tried logging in via management port using the default IP you have supplied with no luck.



It is likely that you have the very early software release 2.0-r1 installed on the switch. I strongly recommend to upgrade the software to 2.1.2-r1 on Cambium Support site.

Please set the IP addres of your computer to and connects to the management port. From your computer ping to confirm computer-switch connectivity. Once connectivity is established, install putty on your computer and establish ssh connection to the switch console in order to upgrade the software. Please refer to the forum topic "How to Upgrade the cnMatrix switch to the latest Software Version" for instruction to upgrade the software.


Thank you,

But can I not just use the web gui right out of the box?

Unfortunately I don't recall for sure Web GUI was fully supported in 2.0-r1 release. You will need to use TFTP whether to initiate software upgrade via SSH session or Web GUI.

In our coming release 3.0 software upgrade can be done directly from Web GUI using http, and hence no need for TFTP server.

Thank you.

Thank you for all your help, greatly appreciated!

Sorry one last thing, what free TFTP server can ru on windows 10?


I would recommend SolarWinds

Let me know if you need help with setting up the TFTP server. 

Please download the latest cnMatrix software 2.1.2 from Cambium Support


Once you install SolarWinds, execute TFTP server.

From SolarWinds TFTP Server application screen, select File->Configure.

A new window will popup. In General tab you will see TFTP Server Root Directory. This is where you need to store the downloaded cnmatrix cnMatrix-EX2K-2.1.2-r1.img file.

Select Server Bindings tab. Make sure "Bind to all addresses on machine" is checked, and your computer IP address 192.168.0.x is listed in the "Currently Available Addresses" window.

Okay thats what I downloaded but when I try to install solarwinds TFTP it says my operating system is not supported

Please make sure you downloaded the correct version 32-bit or 64-bit based on your PC. To be safe, just download the 32-bit version which will work on both 32-bit and 64-bit processor.


I used your link and filled out the info on solarwinds to gain access to free download and proceeded and my only option to download is windows, 32 or 64 were not an option...ill dig deeper I guess

Here is another link to download SolarWinds TFTP server for Windows.

I had already tried a few links, including that one.  Thank you.

Im really confused as to why it will not install on my laptop.

so I was able to try the sftp server and followed the instructions on the link you provided.  I get download is in progress but then image download failed, any advice?

Do you see the download progress 10%, 20% etc? SFTP should work, but you can also try TFTP. 


download agent tftp://<server ip>/cnMatrix-EX2K-2.1.2-r1.img