Cnmatrix ex2028p doesn't on-board to cnm cloud

This switch can ping
But has refused to onboard to cnm cloud.
I have put the latest firmware.
It has only vlan 1 and it is dhcp

What could be the problem

So, with your information internet access is ok, dns is ok, my guess is port 443 is blocked in outbound direction (lan->wan) or something is wrong with onboard side with cambium (again?).

You can check is port 443 allowed to outside with e.g. putty (telnet to port 443 from that same subnet / network).

Never ever put serial number of your device to public place.

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Thanks, let me check

Check the software version :+1:

I used the latest 4.3.x

So it must be problem with dns or firewall :slight_smile:

No firewall
I added the dns and the cnm ip as dns

Hi @TimoWanume Could you please open a support case in ?

All the other versions failed until I put v4.0.1

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