cnMatrix Firmware Upgrade - Manifest file not present in the agent image archive

Hi have a call logged to support about this.
We have a 1010p unit that I cannot upgrade from the firmware that rolled out from factory with 3.2.3-r3
Any upgrade via local web console or via ssh with tftp/sftp fails

On web console we just get a web “Image download failed!”
On tftp/sftp we are greeted with the following message
“% Image Download Failed [Manifest file not present in the agent image archive]”

Switch has had a full 15s factory reset and pulled out of cnMaestro but issue persists.

Checking if anyone’s ever had anything similar ?

Hello, where do you get the new software and what version you are upgrading to? Thanks.

Try with this one:
cnMatrix System Softwar

Hi Tam, I got it from the same link Pshemo posted.
Even from cnMaestro firmware upgrades to the switch would fail.
Tried every firmware on download archive and cnMaestro from 4.0.1 to 4.3-r3 with the same results.

I will investigate it. Meanwhile we can also upgrade the switch from the boot menu, provided you have a serial console connection to it. Please let me know if you opt to do this. We can schedule a remote session through support and I can assist you.


FYI. The engineers just re-tested the software upgrade from 3.2.3-r3 to 4.4-r3 (recommended in cnmaestro) using TFTP/SFTP and cnMaestro on EX1010P. The upgrade was successful. That said, we acknowledged the problem you are facing. I can assist you with the upgrade. Are you seeing this problem with more than one switches?


HI Tam, managed to get it working via a console and copying image via usb.
Problem was just with one switch weirdly.

Thanks for the help.

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