cnMatrix hostname reset when set in cnMaestro

If the hostname of a cnMatrix switch is changed via cnMaestro, then it can happen that the cnMatrix switch gets the previous hostname again after a reboot. This has happened to me several times now, however I can’t always reproduce the problem. Does anyone know this problem?

Are you using cloud or on-prem cnMaestro? If on-prem, what’s the on-prem version? Also, what software version on cnMatrix that you experienced the symptom with?


I use cnMaestro Cloud. However, I found this in the release notes of cnMaestro 3.1.0 (Cloud), chapter “Known Issues” :

CNSSNG-15595 cnMatrix Hostname fall backs to old Hostname if the template is pushed for the first time (if a Switch Group already exists)

The problem seems to have been identified.