cnMatrix on cnMaestro: switch group vs template


what do you thing is the best way to manage cnMatrix with cnmaestro?
Am I blind or I can’t configure IP address and cnMaestro URL with switch group?

Thanlk you


There is no cnMaestro URL setting required for switches in the switch group. Switch is hardcoded for cloud url; or switch can get on-prem url from DHCP server or configuration via Web/CLI.

Switch’s IP address is configured per switch, not in switch group as address has to be unique for each switch. Static IP can be configured in the Advanced Setting in the Switch Configuration as shown below.

If static address is used, you also need to configure the default gateway and DNS in the switch group as shown below.


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Hi @TamN

first of all thank you, very detailed and easy answer.
What confused me is in your first lines:

  • Switch should have a static ip address.
  • cnMaestro url should be passed with DHCP.

It seems like I HAVE TO manual configuring something, while I try to achieve to have a system where I can replace my switch “from the box, accept in cnmaestro, done”

Thank you, again

Sorry if my explanation was not clear.
If there is DHCP server in your network that switch can obtain its IP address, default gateway, and DNS, then there is no need for any manual configuration for the switch to access cnmaestro cloud. Switch will automatically connect to the cloud. You need to claim the switch into your account using switch’s serial number.

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…but on the other hand, unless you need to provide private information, keeping the conversation here on the community means everyone can benefit :man_student:

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Hi @TamN, thank you,

please can we try to undertstand a possible scenario?
I got a new switch, a replacement or a new added. I can configure it in my office or bring it to the customer.
If I configure it in my office I can put MY cnmaestro url (on premises), when I will power on it on customer’s place it will be connected to my cnmaestro. But, if I will apply a “switch group” configuration, where I cannot setup a cnmaestro url, the old one (my url) will be deleted?
If I apply a template with my cnmaestro url how will I be able to manage ports (on, off, poe) if I haven’t a switch group?

Thank you

Simon, I found some times it is more efficient to have a live discussion, rather than messages back and forth.

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Applying the switch group configuration on the switch does not reset the cnmaestro url configured via CLI/Web GUI.


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To continue this, we also have an on-premise instance of cnmaestro.
We have dhcp servers in all the places these switches will be used.

By what mechanism will the switch discover the ip address or url for my cnmaestro instance?
Is it a dhcp option I need to set in my dhcp server?
Is it a dns query like unifi does?
Where in the manual is the procedure outlined for setting up my network to facilitate the ZT feature?

I would appreciate the answers being posted here, as this is the top result in google.

Hi, cnMatrix switch uses dhcp options 43 or option 15 to discover the on-prem URL. No setup is required on cnMatrix to accept the options.

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DHCP options 43 and 60.
You will find any information in cnMaestro’s documentation.

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