Cnmatrix qinq vlan

I’m trying to configure a cnmatrix with encapsulated vlans.
I’m using management vlan 97 for my assets. My switch is connected to the router via port 1 (trunk), vlan 97 is assigned and tagged on that port.
Then to isolate the different elements I use unique vlans. I’m connecting a radio to port 24 (hybrid), it has management vlan97, and I want to pass DHCP through vlan124 (assigned to port 24, and untagged). To pass DHCP through vlan124 alone I have no problem, but once I try it encapsulated in vlan97 it doesn’t go through.
PVIDs are declared on ports.
It’s my understanding that on some cambium device we need to activate qinq functionalities, is this the case with that switch or am I missing something in the configuration?