cnMatrix QoS set up in cambium cnMaestro

Has anyone set up the cnMatrix Switches to do QoS through cnMaestro. if so how is this done?

Hi Shawn, Would you please describe what QoS setting are you looking for? There is limited QoS setting on cnMaestro now (see below: configure port to 802.1p trust, and set the default 802.1p for untagged frames), and we are planning to include more settings in future releases. For now you can also use the User-Defined Overrides in the Switch Group to send CLI commands for QoS to the switches as part of the configuration push.

For speed QoS. We have a cnMatrix EX2010 Deployed with 6 different customers all paying for different Speed packages. We are wanting to limmit there speed at the cambium cnMatrix switch level

Hello Shawn, there is no such global configuration to limit the throughput at the switch level.
There are couple things you can do on the switch:

  1. Set the port speed at a fixed speed eg. 10Mbps/100Mbps/1Gbps
  2. Throttle the traffic rate (ingress and ingress) per port

For #1, the setting is available via CLI/Web/cnMaestro
For #2, the setting is available via CLI. We are planning to simplify the CLI configuration and make the configuration available on Web and cnMaestro in the future release.

Here’s a sample of CLI commands to throttle both egress (toward connecting device) and ingress (from connecting device) to 10Mbps on port 6.

Set egress rate-limit (DL-forwarding rate toward connecting device) to 10Mbps

config terminal
interface gi 0/6
rate-limit output rate-value 100000 burst-value 1

Set ingress rate-limit (UL-forwarding rate from the connecting device) to 10Mbps

config t
mac access-list extended 1
permit any any
interface gig 0/6
mac access-group 1 in
meter 1
meter-type srTCM cir 10000 cbs 10485760 ebs 10485760
class-map 99
match access-group mac-access-list 1
set class 99
policy-map 99
set meter 1 violate-action drop
set policy class 99
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Hello Shawn,

I want to follow up whether the proposed solution fits your need. Have you implemented it?