cnMatrix Release 2.1

cnMatrix Release 2.1 is available for download at Cambium Support site. Attached is the Release Note.

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Just upgraded several devices to 2.1-r5 

There is a noticeable lag when using the cli after upgrading.

Also, the text seems to hang up when attempting to backspace, only removing the last two characters from the screen.

It acts as if you still removed the characters you intended to, you just do not see them removed from the current line.

Has anyone else noticed this and is there anyway to correct this behavior?

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The reported CLI lag is not observed in our QA test setup. Is the lag seen on ALL devices running 2.1-r5? Please share the output of CLI commands 'show running-config' and 'show os cpu top'. Please open a ticket with Cambium Support so that it can be followed up by Cambium Support team.


Be sure to also visit Cambium's support site for very useful release notes and documentation covering the cnMatrix 2.1.0-r5 SW release.

Also available is a short video introducing the content of the 2.1 release.  Please find it here:

we have the same issue.

I connect to cnMatrix from MacOS, High Sierra

Hello, I have an ssh connection to cnMatrix 2.1-r5 using the Mac Mojave, and did not observe any CLI lag. Can you please provide a detail description of what you did and observed (screenshot would be very helpful).

Please also provide the output of the following commands:

show running-config

show env cpu                         <<<<< repeat this command a few times

We have recently discovered an odd behavior in 2.1-r5 when using the combination of cursor and backspace to navigate and modify the text in CLI command. The modified command is not executed the first time, but after recalling the command using the Up Arrow key, the command works as expected. Here is the example to reproduce the symptom.

Type the command below without hitting Enter key:

(config)# cnmaestro url

Use the Left Arrow key to navigate the cursor to the character '4' and use the backspace key to delete character '3' and type character '2'. The CLI command now looks like this:

(config)# cnmaestro url

Hit Enter key.

The switch does not give any error indication; it acts as if the cnmaestro URL has been set to the ip address However, the command is not executed. If you use the Up Arrow key to recall the command from the command history, and hit the Enter key, then cnMaestro URL will be set to

If only backspace key is used to navigate to the replaced character, the symptom is not seen.

A fix has been identified and will be included in 2.2 release.