CNMatrix Switch two Internet Router

Hello I have the following scenario.
2 x FritzBox as Internet router.

  1. FritzBox1 IP range 192.168.100.XXX

  2. FritzBox2 192.168.150.XXX

I would like the Internet signal of the FritzBox 1 to be present via the Aerzener-Alter-Serverraum port 47 switch via VLAN3 and that this goes to the CNMatrix GalaWork server room via port 52. At this CNM atrix GalaWork server room, the FritzBox2 is on port1 and the FritzBox1 via port 52 VLAN ID3 with the Internet signal. On this switch, I would like to have port 15, for example, only VLAN3 in order to be the IP range of FritzBox1 on this port.

How do I do that. Programming via CN Maestro Cloud

Netzwork Topic.pdf (187.2 KB)

No way. Fritz dosen’t support VLAN tags

that’s right. The FritzBox cannot use a VLAN. In my case it is not needed. I configured something like that with other switch manufacturers. There, however, with a FritzBox and guest access via LAN4.

I have already managed to test the following.

CNMatrix switch configured to access with VLAN ID 3 via CN Maestro port 15 and 47. If I connect the FritzBox2 with activated guest access via LAN 4 to port 47, then I also get a link to this network on port 15. All others stay on the FritzBox1. That’s how everything works. If I now say that LAN4 is normal again, then I don’t get a link on port 15. I don’t get an IP address there either. If I change it back to guest access LAN4, it works. I don’t quite understand where the difference should be.