cnMatrix TX1012-P-DC not suppling continuous 24 VDC

I am trying to power one Cambium AP, one Ubiquiti AF5xHD and three Ubiquiti Rocket Prisms with the TX1012. The Cambium AP is 50V and plugged into port 1 set to 802.3. The four Ubiquiti radios are 24 VDC, so are plugged into ports 5,6,7 and 8 and set to Passive 24V. The problem is that plugging in the fourth 24v radio causes at least two of the radios to start power cycling. The switch is running off of a 56V power supply and the switch indicates that it has 170W available. The four 24V radios pull max 8W each for a total of 48W at 24V (24W of the available 50V supply) and the Cambium 50W, so there should be plenty of available power. But, obviously something else is amiss. The switch is running the latest software, [cnMatrix-EXTX-4.4-r3.tar.gz]. I have this problem with two switches, one which is on a tower (the 24V radios are currently being run off of a separate power supply and MikroTik switch daisy chained to the TX1012 because of this issue) and the second switch is on my bench with the same radio setup running off of a 240 Watt 50V power supply with all of the radios plugged into the TX1012. This issue pretty much makes the switch unusable. Anyone else having this problem and how do I fix it?