cnMatrix wall mounted

Is it possible to fix a cnMatrix switch on a wall with the conventional rack mount kit? I think that by turning the brackets 90 degrees, the screws would fit into the chassis, so it would be possible. But currently I don’t have any to verify. If the answer is no, is there a Cambium’s accessory that makes it possible?

Yes, the rack mount brackets for cnMatrix can be rotated 90° to be attached to the switch so that the ears can be used to wall mount the unit.
The two short ears in the accessory kit MX-EXTXFULLA-1 can be used to wall mount the switches.

Note that all cnMatrix switches, except for the half width EX2010/EX2010-P/EX1010/EX1010-P models, include the short rack mount ears with the switch.

For these half width switches, the optional accessory kit MX-EXTXFULLA-1 will need to be ordered.

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Thank you Jonchau. You have answered my question.
But is what you say in the last sentence correct? Wouldn’t the half-width models need the optional accessory MX-EXTXHALFA-0 (rotated 90°) instead of the MX-EXTXFULLA-1 as you say?

The statement is correct in that kit MX-EXTXFULLA-1 is needed for a wall mount of any cnMatrix switch… regardless of switch model.

The MX-EXTXHALFA-0 kit is used to mount the half-width switches into a 19" rack.
Since the kit contains 1 short and 1 long rack ear, it is not possible to use the different ear lengths to wall mount the switch.
The MX-EXTXFULLA-1 kit contains 2 short rack ears, that allows for the bracket to be installed onto any cnMatrix switch for a wall mount.

Of course, pictures are worth 1000 words! Hopefully the following will make it clear.


Half-width switch (EX2010/EX2010-P/EX1010/EX1010-P) using kit MX-EXTXHALFA-0 to install into a 19" rack:

Rack ear position on switch for 19" rack installation:

Rack ear position on switch for wall mount installation:

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need any additional clarification.


Hi Jonchau,

I greatly appreciate such an enlightened explanation. I think it is possible to do it as in the following image (sorry not to make it as beautiful as you made it :wink:), although it is true that the visual impression is very “ugly”. I totally agree with you that it is better with the MX-EXTXFULLA-1 kit. For the cost, it is better to make it beautiful and more resistant.
Thank you.