CnMeastro Alarm Selection

I would like to suggest adding the ability for CnMeastro users to PICK what events alarm and what doesn’t along with the level of the alarm ie: Major, Minor, none at all. Currently I have 70+ alarms on my interface and 98% of which are customer radios for whatever reason, pick-ups, unplugged, etc. I have no interest in customer SMs not reporting. I AM however interested in APs not reporting or showing offline, backhauls, microwaves, etc. Infrastructure is far more important to me then the customer equipment and trying to sift through the many alarms is just not conducive with good time management. Sure have everything enabled by default, but allow the option to select what events alarm and their alarm level for advanced users. This would clean up a lot of unnecessary reporting and maybe add the ability to select and clear alarms, provided the user has the appropriate access level. I’m sure I am not alone thinking this would be a great improvement. Thank You

you are very right about the number of alarms that are generated especially in the wisp environment with clients that many disconnect their cpes
Cambium thinking about the quality of the service integrates alarming any detail that is generated with the equipment was not thinking about what you mention, it would be good if they can be manually configured in the cpes if we want to receive alarms of all your events.