CnMedusa 450M AP

If I  am not planning to CMM5 to provide GPS Sync to my PMP 450M AP, what other options do I have ? Is there any port on the actual 450m AP to plug the UGPS? Or does the  radio have a Generate Sync feature so radio will provide it instead? 

Yes, the PMP 450m has 3 ports.  The main Ethernet (Data+Power), the AUX port (which can do PoE output as well as GPS sync in or out), and the SFP port (can be used as alternate data path, including fiber connection).

So, you can utilize the AUX port with a UGPS device to provide sync to the 450m.  Another AP (PMP 450i AP) can also provide the sync pulse into the 450m if desired.  The 450m can also "generate sync" exactly as other 450 products, but if syncronization with other sites is necessary, you'd want to use a GPS source for timing.

Here is a close-up view of the ports on the back of the unit.


his prices please send spec how I want to try to plug the Gulf kuantan Indonesia


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Tried to use Ugps through Aux but i can't find the pin out to make this happen. Do have a link to such a critter? Any info will help Thanks in advance

The wiring diagram and instructions are here for you... let me know if you have any issues.

I would also like to know how we can make this easier for you (or others) to find in the future...