📍cnPilot Controller: Exciting new upgrades coming soon (cnMaestro)

            The cnPilot controller is getting some exciting new features in 2017. Here's a preview of some of the goodies coming our users way. We expect most accounts to have access to these by the end of this week. Stay tuned and check your cnMaestro cloud accounts as we roll these changes in. And let us know how we can work to make them even better! Looking forward to your feedback.

A Wi-Fi only view - If you are like many Wi-Fi users and don't deal with our wireless backhaul devices (as awesome as they are), this view will simplify your Wi-Fi device management. Features include grouping of  APs (a.k.a AP groups) and dashboard views of AP groups!

Data Access limit control: Set Data upper limits for guest access. When  the limit is reached, the client is disconnected. Supported for both Controller- and RADIUS-based Guest portals. 

 Text Data ReportsExport and download the following types of CSV (comma-separated value) Reports lasting a week

SMS authentication: Now deploy Supports Twilio, SMS Country, and Gupshup gateway providers.

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