cnPilot E-Series System Release is available

cnPilot E-Series has been released. System Release is a maintenance release on System Release 4.2.3 along with some enhancements and additional bug fixes.

Downloads are available for:


Tracking Product Description
FLCN-12802 All Prevent Internet sharing using BLE/Wi-Fi tethering from the wireless clients.
FLCN-12983 All Added timeout option in speedtest CLI for ETSI mode.
FLCN-13133 All Added 32-character username field support with spaces for ePSK.
FLCN-13310 All Added support for Unlicensed band for Mexico.

Fixed issues

Tracking Product Description
FLCN-3045 All Observed SSL vulnerabilities in the Nessus scan test.
FLCN-5625 All Wireless client Auth status was always reported as False.
FLCN-12558 All Clients were not able to get the IP address in some cases.
FLCN-12846 All Deauth wireless clients post DFS CAC when band steering was enabled.
FLCN-13070 All In some cases speedtest process crashes with a memory error when the timeout option was used.
FLCN-13098 All Configured session timeout in the Guest Access page did not get honored in some cases.
FLCN-13142 All Increased IP to MAC binding limit from 32 to 200.
FLCN-13163 All Dynamic VLAN assignment (such as VLAN pool, ePSK) should restrict Broadcast/Multicast domain across VLANs.