cnPilot E-Series System Release 4.2.3 is available

cnPilot E-Series 4.2.3 has been released. System Release 4.2.3 is a maintenance release on System Release 4.2.2 along with one new feature and additional bug fixes.

Downloads are available for:

Cambium Traffic Class support

Cambium Traffic Class attributes are supported for wireless guest clients. Access point (AP) allows guest clients to communicate destinations (defined using IP/Network address) defined under traffic class names without completing the guest authentication. The RADIUS server can push traffic class name and data quota as part of the RADIUS accept packet or COA update. AP keeps track of guest clients traffic usage against each traffic class and data utilization information is sent to the accounting server in RADIUS accounting packets (Account-Interim update and account stop messages).

Traffic class can be defined under the WLAN profile and only 3 traffic classes are supported via CLI mode only. If APs are managed from cnMaestro, traffic class can be configured in AP Group using User-Defined Overrides options. When the traffic class quota gets exhausted, user clients are redirected to the external captive portal server.

Cambium Networks Wi-Fi devices support the following Cambium vendor-specific (VSA 17713) Traffic Class attributes:

Name Number Type
Cam-Vlan-Pool-Id 157 string
CAMB-Authorize-Classes 158 tlv
CAMB-Authorize-Class-Name 158.1 string
CAMB-Authorize-Bytes-Left 158.2 integer64
CAMB-Traffic-Classes-Acct 159 tlv
CAMB-Acct-Class-Name 159.1 string
CAMB-Acct-Input-Octets 159.2 integer64
CAMB-Acct-Output-Octets 159.3 integer64
CAMB-Acct-Input-Packets 159.4 integer64
CAMB-Acct-Output-Packets 159.5 integer64
CAMB-Walled-Garden-State 160 integer

CLI configuration:


Tracking Product Description
FLCN-11306 All RADIUS-based Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) support is added.

Fixed issues

Tracking Product Description
FLCN-12708 All MAB feature was not working if the MAC address of the client started with 0.
FLCN-12514 All Sanitize ping host argument in device-agent.
FLCN-12503 All AP UI login did not allow 32 characters password.
FLCN-12405 All The client device on AP2 was not getting an IP address when L2GRE was enabled on AP2 WLAN.
FLCN-12291 All Adding an SSH key of more than 512 bits did not work.
FLCN-12253 All Fixed issues in pushing VLAN ID range from a configuration file to the system bridge interface.
FLCN-11851 All SCMD process crashed when a non-admin user tried to login.
FLCN-11492 All RADIUS MAC authentication did not work on 1st WLAN.
FLCN-11446 All Configured SSH key was missing in APs GUI and CLI after its reboot.
FLCN-11401 All Fixed an error Invalid firmware file when upgraded from 4.2-r15 to 4.2.2- r5 image.
FLCN-11298 All The misleading event was found when the mesh client was configured with static IP reconnects.
FLCN-11097 All AP was not getting the IP address through the USB LTE stick whenever the WWAN feature was enabled and the 3G dongle was connected.
FLCN-10214 All The connection via the Huawei E8372 USB LTE stick did not work.