cnPilot E400 - 2.4 GHz how to disable 802.11a and 802.11b


i would like to server only 802.11n on the 2,4 GHz band. The reason is that I have clients that performs much more better with 802.11n but they don`t use it if 802.11b is available.

I didn`t find any configuration item for this. Is it not supported to choose the available standards for 2,4 GHz or I'm to silly to find it.

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@Guilherme wrote:

thanks for posting that.

In addition, there is a CLI-only option (an future software will support this in GUI) which can also explicitly set the radio to one of the a/b/g/n/ac modes:


test-e400(config-radio-1)# mode 

  a                    : Allow only 11a clients
  ac                   : Allow only VHT clients
  an                   : Allow only 11a/11n clients
  bg                   : Allow only 11b/11g clients
  default              : All modes clients are allowed
  gn                   : Allow only  11g/11n clients
  n                    : Allow only HT clients
  n-ac                 : Allow only HT/VHT clients



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Those are some cool CLI commands i was not aware of. Thanks for those!

they operate like an ACL of sorts, or they actually disable the radio from transmitting / advertising those rates?

Thank you very much for that information. Will try it later.

Would be great to see this option as GUI option in cnMaestro for the future.




we take your input and will try to rollout configuration from AP and Controller UI.

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