cnPilot E400 - Clock Configuration


I tried to find out how to configure  clock on E400. 

I could set the time zone, but there seems to be no way to set the  clock / time on the AP.

Has anyone faced similar problem?

And has anyone got solution, if so, please let me know



HTPL, Vadodara , Gujarat.

The clock will be set automatically when the device is onboarded into cnMaestro.

Alternately you can enable NTP so the AP will learn time from an NTP server and sync up its clock. To use NTP, under "Configure"->"System" scroll down to the bottom to the section called "Time Settings" and define your NTP server IP address or name. If you dont have a local NTP server you can use some of the public ones on the internet such as "":

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I purchased few AP, model: cnPilot E400

I have configured but can not change time

I have put the NTP server IP ( & Area Asia

Please healp me

See if you are able to ping these NTP server IPs from AP first.

I had the same issue. Once i updated the firmware it was solved.