cnPilot E400 ExpressVPN VPN Tunnel

My goal is to have all clients that connect to a specific WLAN network, let's call it N5, connected to the internet via a VPN Tunnel to ExpressVPN. I have other routers that can successfuly establish the VPN tunnel connection to ExpressVPN using L2TP and assume that side of equation works in general.

To get this running I have configured:

- A DHCP pool

- A VLAN (5) using that pool

- L2TP tunnel configuration (there also is L2GRE config that I can't seem to be able to delete)

- A WLAN using VLAN 5

All is working fine and as designed with the tunnel option in the WLAN config turned off. As soon as I turn on Tunnel Mode, it doesn't work anymore.

A few questions:

- Is what I am trying to achieve feasible in general, or is the tuneling meant for other purposes only?

- What is the besr way to see if the tunnel is up and if not, what errors are associated with the attempt? I can see errors in the debug log if I switch from L2TP to L2GRE, but I can't see anything in L2TP mode.

- Any recommendations on what I am doing wrong / should be doing instead?

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The cnPilot E series does not currently support VPN termination.

The L2TP feature is meant for pure L2TP tunnels only in order to bridge ethernet packets over an L2TP tunnel to an L2TP concentrator. It does not support L2TP / IPSEC.