cnPilot E400 random auto reboot "Last Reboot Reason power cycle / watchdog reset"

I use AP cnPilot E400, my AP has a problem that is automatically reboot, this happens randomly, the operating system has more than 20 clients per AP. My users are unhappy about being disconnected due to the AP restarting itself. Let me know what the problem is, how to solve it. The reason I know when watching the monitor:

Last Reboot Reason power cycle / watchdog reset

Hi Zoloit,

I believe we might need the techdump files to check the logs and see what is causing the reboots.

It would be great if you could reach out to our support team on the phone numbers listed in or create a case by logging into so that we can assist you further.

Also we might want to know the below details when you report the case.

1. Since from when you are facing this issue?

2. What is the software version running on the radio?


Sanjay Kumar

Hi Zoloit,

I've been having the same issue with the E400's that I've deployed. All 5 of them frequently reboot for no apparent reason, when I check AP>Monitor>System>Last Reboot Reason: power cycle / watchdog reset

This has been happening for months and I've had a case open just as long (124475)... I was just asked to upgrade one of the AP's to the latest beta firmware (3.4.2-b17) and test, hopefully that resolves the issue, I'll report back.

This has been a very dissapointing first experience with Cambium and I doubt that I'll be deploying any more of them.

Hi Ryser/Zoloit,

Sorry for the inconvience caused.

Please share your email id at

I can confirm that upgrading to beta firmware has NOT resolved the issue. However, now instead of Last Reboot Reason being generic "power cycle / watchdog reset", it now shows the date and "(Internal System Failure)" error message.

Would very much like a resolution to this, have been experiencing this issue for far too long.

I am having this issue too.

I only have a single unit, and use it for home use. Just a few laptops and smartphones, and a few other devices. I have a random reboot at least once per day. I tend to notice it around 11 PM, but I think that's just because I'm watching Netflix at that time so I notice it more. 

I am on the latest firmware.