cnPilot E410 Access point is capable to handle VC platform using WIFI

I have to 3 issues with the access points

  1. i have enabled the Access role with MAC binding for users to get internet. when i reach to 300 MAC address it displayed me that FULL 300 mac are utilized?? to to resolve this so that i can not add more users when it reached to 300 limitations i am not aware of this limitations.
  2. When the access point configured with an internal ip and for that ip i have granted the Net access so that whom ever user connected to this access point may get internet but i got no internet…
  3. Is Cambium Access Point is capable for Microsoft teams and other VC platforms to handle the huge AV calls. i face dropouts when connected to cambium AP
    Great full for the support


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Please define Internal IP and it would be great if you can share tech-support.

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We use it in our day2day work.
How many clients are associated when you face this issue.