CnPilot e410 connected to a bridge modem

Hi, I have an e410 which was linked to the internet provider modem. As the modem was blocked, I couldn’t change it to bridge, so I left it as dhp, turned it’s radio down and used the e410 radio to internet.
Yesterday, they changed that modem because I contracted a faster speed and that one is not blocked, so it’s possible to turn it to bridge. I did that but e410 didn’t work. As I am not an expert, if I change the modem to bridge what I have to change on e410?

Hello Acard0808, how is your internet provider delivering the service? by DHCP?.

There are different ways that a provider can deliver the service, if they give you the internet by DHCP ussually they dont give you enough IP's to run your network, so you have to use your E410 in router mode so it can act as a router and give DHCP to your internal network.

Bridge mode will work if they give you an entire subnet which is not ussual, some providers that uses cable modems you may have to provide your MAC address so they can allow your device to access to their network.

Please provide more information about how your ISP is delivering the service.


Yes, they deliver internet by DHCP, so I didn’t change e410, which is in default mode (bridge). What I’d like to know is what configuration I need to do to change it to router mode while configuring ISP modem into bridge. Thanks.

Please do the following:

  • Create a new VLAN interface with static IP and NAT enable

  • Configure DHCP Pool

  • Configure same VLAN as in step 1 in WLAN VLAN

Please let me know if you have any query.

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Thanks a lot!