CnPilot (e410/e430) on Cloud CNMaestro ByPass Guest Access

I've some AP e410 and e430 on CNMaestro on Cloud.

I've configured guest access "internal access point".

Some Device (SmartTV for example) not support the authentication (i don't see the auth page).

So i think to bypass the auth for these devices. Where can i set the IP or MAC-Address for bypass the authentication?

I've tried under WLAN -> Guest Access -> WhiteList (i've inserted the device's IP), but the TV can't connect (youtube, netflix don't works).



Hi Federico

        What is the erro you get when the smart TV fails to connect to the AP?  is there any authentication enabled for the guest SSID?

              Adding enry in the whitelist (IP's or URL's) will bypass the traffic to these IP's and URL's without guest access authentication. This will not bypass the guest user authentication. 



I receive no error, on the TV i can't see the Auth Page. The TV don't navigate on internet and i can't use any app (netflix,youtube etc...)

The SSID is open (no auth), but i use the auth on the AP.

How can i "bypass" this type of authentication?

I would that the some devices can navigate without the authentication, but only selected devices.


Normally in smartphones CNA detects the guest network and automatically redirect the client to the login splash page. This is a client behaviour. I think the issue might be the automatic redirection is not happening in the TV. Can you try opening the browser on the TV manually and connect ?