cnPILOT E410 high latency in LAN

We have cnPilot E410 - E410-D9377C installed in our office as an Access point and we are facing wifi intereference, users connected to this E410 wifi access point are having high latency while pinging to local network, but wired users connection are working good.The Wifi connection is not at all stable some time response TTL is below 10 but most of times TTL will got 200 ,500 ,1000 etc and some time it will drop and show request time out for lan ip .Seeking your suggestions to if fix this in our network >if any additional configuration we have to be done on our E410 device.Kindly let me know if anything more details required

Current setting of device.
Channel - Auto
Channel Width :- 20 MHZ
Transmit power :- Auto

I reccomend you to use the spectrum analyzer tool that cnPilot offers and to figured out the root of this interference. Check CCI and mainly ACI in your enviroment.

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Inbuilt Wi-Fi and spectrum analyzer will help you to troubleshoot this issue. Wi-Fi analyzer will help you to find out the interference matrix of each channels and spectrum will help you scan your channels and give you a report on the health of the RF.