cnPilot e410 : SSID utilizing 2.4Ghz not showing

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I'm busy configuring a cnPilot E410 but for some reason I'm not able to see any SSIDs assigned to the 2.4Ghz Radio. They only become visible when I select "2.4Ghz and 5Ghz or 5Ghz only" under the Radios drop-down found in the Basic TAB when configuring the WLANs. 

The 2.4Ghz Radio state is set to on with Band steering disabled.  The two SSIDs configured on the 5Gghz radio works perfect . I'm also sure my WLAN is configured correctly since the same SSID displays when I change the Radio to 5Ghz. 

According to dashboard the 2.4Ghz Radio state = ON and it's transmitting at 24 dBm which should be overkill since I'm sitting next to the AP. ps. I've tried attaching the tech-support file but got an error telling me the file doesn't have a valid extension.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Please attach the screenshots of the WLAN config.

Or Email me( the AP techsupport dump taken during the issue.

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I've emailed you the screenshots and support file and also added the screenshots to this post for convenience. 


Anyone else experienced this issue before ? Seems it perplexed the Cambium support guy into self isolation ... I've never heard from him again after exchanging a few emails :)

hi ,

To find the root cause of the issue can you please provide/clarify me following information

> SSID (patron) that you configured is not seen in client devices ?

> Can you please provide client information(Whether it is a mobile/laptop or anyother device)

> what is the software version running on the device ?

Also can you please share techsupport(issue state configuration) on my email



One issue I just discovered with Fios was that certain channels are not showing up on the 5G selection as well as 2.4 . We had to remove a few channels from 5G due to not being in the FIOS channels on the physical Router itself . Sounds like the same issue only on the 2.4 G channel spectrum .


what exactly the issue we are seeing here. please share below information,

  1. AP model
  2. Firmware version
  3. County code set
  4. Which channels we see they are missing
  5. AP placement settings done like indoor / outdoor

Hi There,

Our supplier ended up swapping the AP for us and the new unit works without flaw.


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