Cnpilot e410 suddenly loss power!

Hi Everyone!

Anyone had been situation same me!My customer's use some e410 to coverage wifi for office.It is working normally now!However suddenly it is not work.I can not login by ip default to check it.I don't know what's happen occur with it

I tried replace one new Lan cable,new injector but it is not still work and no lights

Anyone had been situation same me!Please help me! what is root cause?

Thanks so much!

Please try to login with 169.254.x.x ip address that last two octate will be decimal conversion of your device eth0 mac address. Example if your eth0 mac address is 00:04:56:91:50:10 then last two hex mac address need to be converted to decimal so in this example it will be 80.16(decimal conversion of 50 and 10). So the device would be accessible by ip. 

After login Please issue service show last-reboot-reason to know the last reboot reason and service show cores to know if there is any crash or core

While accessing the device with backdoor IP 169.254.X.X please extract techsupport dump (GUI >> Operations >> Download Tech Support) and share it via email to

- i also can not login by ip address169.254.115.47 after converted from mac address 58C17A09732F

- Status orange lights not turn on to green lights

Hello Gupta,
I same the problem can you help me fixed?
Thank you very much

Can you please share more information about the issue ?

Suggest to start a new thread describing the exact issue will help in understanding the problem better.

Hello, you have online? i send to you id and password teamvierwer can you remote on my computer and see the issue for the AP e410 :frowning:, i cannot fixed…

Please reach out to cambium support. The Support Center portal is at You will receive immediate service from them.